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The Classic Looks Of Sally
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Well this is AWESOME!! :D I really love this design of her, looks so mean and badass at the same time!! B-) The detail here is also really...

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Sonic 1 Comic Cover
Something I'm planning to get back into, making comics! :D I saw one of my old covers I done a few years ago, and just remade it with anything I could think off.

Will be finishing this at somepoint this week along with a bunch of art from last week that need finishing. ^^
Disney afternoon on Nintendo
Problem solved. ;)

I wanted these games on a Nintendo system...then what better system then the mini version of the machine it came from in the first place? :lol:

Heck with this I got it early then it comes out on the other consoles.. XD

NES Mini Master Race! B-)

Now your playing with Power!! :D

p.s new Duck Tales is looking good! ^^


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Bringing SatAm Back To Life
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
<img… ' />

Hey There :D

The names ClassicSonicSatAm (Class for short ^^)

I been drawing Sonic and Mario characters ever since I was 4 years old,
mainly due at that time I was given a SEGA Mega Drive with Sonic 1&2 and A Nintendo Game Boy with Donkey Kong 94 & Super Mario Land 1 & 2 ( all great games ) since then my drawing of Sonic has been getting more detail with each piece (most of the time....) plus I'm doing Art & Design Level 1 at my college this year so I can improve my art even more :D.

I do a lot of Sonic and Sally drawings too (as they are my Favorited Sonic characters EVER :love:) a lot of them have Sonic and Sally working together kicking some ass or having them having an romantic moments! I'm an huge an :iconsonallyplz: SonSal/Sonally/Sonic X Sally fan :iconsonallyplz: though I do also like SonAmy and SonBlaze (:aww:) when I got the time to spare I will be uploading some of the in depth stories I got planned.

MY DA FAMILY!!! :iconsonicdanceplz:

:iconshadowninja3: My Super Awesome Shadow Ninja Sister!! :highfive: :tighthug:
:iconalexthehedgelynx: My Way Past Cool Tails Bro!! :highfive:
:iconiundeadpixels: My epic Sonikku Sister!! :hug: :highfive:

Likes: Sonic, Sally Acorn ( never watch much of the show nor read many of the comics but i like her character ), SEGA, Arcade Games, TGs, Pizza, Stories, Comics, Atari, Little Big Planet, Call Of Duty ( up to MW3 it kill COD for me :( ) Rouge, Mario Kart, Leather, TMNT (the 80's cartoon), 80's, 007, Sims, GhostBusters, Lupin the Third, Tin Tin, Robocop,Rambo,Pac-Man, Metal Gear Solid,Perfect Dark,Astro Boy, Shinobi, Back to the Furture, Last Of The Summer Wine, Red Dwarf, Saint Rows, Bubble Bobble, Looney Toons, Flintstones, Steptoe and Son,DAYTONA USA, Beaches, Aliens,Duke Nukem, Shadow Ninjas, OUT RUN, Top Cat,L.A. Noire, Animation,Cats/Kittens,Dogs,Horses, Air Wolf,Knight Rider and Classic Stuff. ^^

My Favorite fiction characters are Sonic and Sally, they are also my favorite couple. :iconsonallyplz:

My Favorite colors are Red And Blue.

My Favorite Cartoons have to be Teenage Munant Ninja Turtles (1987 version) and Sonic The Hedgehog SatAm.

My Favorite game on the NES is Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) I don't care if it wasn't real Mario game (even though the game did start as a BETA for Super Mario Bros 2 ) Doki Doki Panic its still plays like a great Mario game to me :D (maybe because) it was made by the same man who did the other Classic Mario games XD)
My Favorite game on the N64 is Super Mario 64
My Favorite game on the Xbox 360 is Sonic Generations
My Favorite game on the Master System is Ghostbusters (got to gozer for the first time when playing it on my Game Gear when I was on holiday...though I died within a few seconds darm GG screen :pisssedoff: )
My Favorite game on the Dreamecast is REZ
My Favorite game on the GameBoy is Robocop (best game version of Robocop 1 )

My Favorite game ever is Sonic The Hedgehog 1 8-bit on the Game Gear

My Favorite Arcade Game is Sega Rally championship 1995 ( also love the Saturn Port :D )

My favorite Console is The SEGA Saturn! ( O.O its the future)

My favorite Movie is Lupin The Third:The Castle Of Cagliostro(such a beautiful film)

Dislikes: Twight movies/books, Toad (from Super Mario), SonDow, PS2, Hollyoaks( Really hate this Soap ) Angry Birds, the Extreme Ghostbusters, Sliver the hedgehog and nasty Fake Sonic Fans.

SonicTGDoom - Account
  • Listening to: Sunshine Isles
  • Reading: Level codes..
  • Watching: Da Computer Screen once again. XD
  • Playing: Play testing Sonic 16
  • Eating: Just had dinner! XD
  • Drinking: Mega Super Yummy Juice
Because I have finally gotten another job! :D though it's only part time so I still have my other job still (for now) but the new job is next door to my store in town, I'm serving and seeing all my old customers (and working with them now too! XD all my co-workers, I serve before, so I got a head start! :D ) there's a lot more to the job too.

But it's given me less time to draw or sleep properly. ^^; (keep worrying about the clock) but I hope to improve on this and upload more of my upcoming projects and finish sketches. :)

Hope you all well and Happy New Year! :D


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Give some points if you want. ^^
I would really appreciate it if you did. :)

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